Unter Einschluss der Öffentlichkeit

VerhandelBar —

Jul — Oct

VerhandelBar, Sandstraße 47a

VerhandelBar - Unter Einschluss der Öffentlichkeit, 2024 © Foto: Fritz Bielmeier

As a public negotiation space, the VerhandelBar invites people to negotiate demolition and vacancy as an ecological and social problem.

A project by ARCH+, in cooperation between JustizzentrumErhalten/ AbbrechenAbbrechen, and PointofNoReturn


The construction industry is one of the key contributors to the climate crisis: the construction and use of buildings accounts for 40 percent of national greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, many metropolitan areas lack affordable space for housing and culture. The project VerhandelBar – unter Einschluss der Öffentlichkeit counters this twofold challenge by showing the social and ecological potential that lies in the conversion and continued use of existing buildings. Using the demolition-threatened Criminal Justice Center on Nymphenburger Straße as a case study, civil society is called upon to imagine a new future for the building after its current function ceases at the end of 2025 as well as to discuss the issues of vacancy and demolition. After all, the environmentally damaging and speculative treatment of our built environment is a public matter which, by its very nature, must be negotiable.

The heart of the project is an artistic-architectural intervention, the VerhandelBar, which uses alternating exhibitions to publicly discuss stories of appropriation and opportunities for conversion in Munich. Mapping walks and performative-discursive events provide fundamental knowledge on the subject. The VerhandelBar regularly hosts a bar in cooperation with the artist collective TamTam and provides space to local civil society groups.


Thursday, 18 July, 6 – 10 pm
City Councillor Paul Bickelbacher, on behalf of the Lord Mayor of the City of Munich; Anton Biebl, Head of the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich; Public Art München; ARCH+; JustizzentrumErhalten/ AbbrechenAbbrechen and talks with local civil society groups on the needs and potentials of the city
Moderation: ARCH+, JustizzentrumErhalten/AbbrechenAbbrechen

Mapping walks:
Sendling: 23 July and 2 August
Westend: 23 August and 16 September

every Thursday, VerhandelBar: Sandstraße 47a, 80335 München

Guided tour:
25 July, 6 pm and upon request, VerhandelBar: Sandstraße 47a, 80335 München

Information on the further programme: verhandel-bar.de

Artistic direction:
ARCH+: Christian Hiller, Daniel Kuhnert, Alex Nehmer, Anh-Linh Ngo
JustizzentrumErhalten/ AbbrechenAbbrechen: Jakob Bahret, Laura Bruns, Jan Fries, Robert Philipps, Antonia Prohammer, Nikola Schiemann, Maria Schlüter, Leila Unland, Lena Willimek, Sabrina Witzlau
PointOfNoReturn: Nick Förster, Jonas Pauli, Matteo Pelagatti, Sophie Ramm, Niclas Reinke, Nikola Schiemann, Maria Schlüter, Janina Sieber, Leila Unland
Kommunikation: stadtstattstrand: Laura Bruns, Julia Klink, Fabian Gruber; ARCH+: Barbara Schindler
Graphic: Paul Voggenreiter
Web: Lana Wahlström
Bar: Tam Tam

Cooperation partner: Hans Sauer Stiftung







VerhandelBar, Sandstraße 47a


VerhandelBar, Sandstraße 47a