Never Ever

Benjamin Bergmann

since 20 Oct 12

Former Leibnitz Rechenzentrum

A basketball backboard is mounted on the roof of a tall building, jutting into the blue summer sky.

Benjamin Bergmann installs a basketball hoop on the roof of the former Leibnitz data center. © Foto: Benjamin Bergmann

The installation „Never Ever“ by Benjamin Bergmann reflects the human striving to test one’s own limits.

Benjamin Bergmann installs a basketball hoop wall on the roof of a multi-story building. In doing so, he creates an irritating experiment with ambitious goals. Failure is more likely than success. The absurdity of “Never Ever” illustrated in this way provokes questions about the meaning. A dialogue can arise about how the seemingly impossible could ultimately be achieved.

For the realization of the work “Never Ever”, the artist goes in search of high and closed facade areas, located as centrally as possible in the Munich city area. Benjamin Bergmann finds what he is looking for at the former location of the Leibniz data center (LRZ) in Maxvorstadt, Barerstraße 21.

“Never Ever” is a project as part of the cultural department’s overall program of art in public space, created in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich.

Benjamin Bergmann, born in 1968 in Würzburg, lives and works in Munich.


Former Leibnitz Rechenzentrum

Technical University of Munich
Barer Straße 21
80333 Munich