Bridge Sprout

Atelier Bow-Wow

1 Aug 20 — 15 Dec 22

Bank of the Isar on the Schwindinsel

You can see a wooden part of the bridge that only extends halfway over the Isar. The green Isar flows below, framed by densely leafy trees on a summer's day.

Temporary bridge installation „Bridge Sprout“ on the banks of the Isar in Munich © Foto: Christoph Knoch

The unusual, unique architecture of a walkable part of the bridge in the open air above the Isar creates width and the imagination of new mental spaces.

Atelier Bow-Wow has developed the “Bridge Sprout” project for the people of Munich and their river to enable the public space to be newly experienced. A wooden bridgehead extends over the small River Isar opposite the island of Schwindinsel. However, the bridge does not reach the bank of Schwindinsel, but rather breaks off half way across. On the side of Schwindinsel, this imaginary line is continued in the form of a wooden platform, which carefully blends into the nature protection area of Schwindinsel.

In its impression and in the material it uses, the temporary installation is a reminder of traditional wooden bridges in the Alps. Now partly walkable, the air space between the west bank and Schwindinsel creates a completely new experience. It also refers to the tradition of float-building in Munich and the old symbiosis between the River Isar and the material wood.

The project is also understood in the Japanese sense as a bow towards nature. Nature on Schwindinsel is treated with respect, with the help of an artistic intervention in the public space, that emphasises the character of the island, but does not interfere with it.

The installation enables different perspectives through a new experience of space. The unusual, even unique architecture of a walkable part of a bridge in the open air over the Isar creates expanse and provides the imagination with new intellectual room.

Atelier Bow-Wow is one of the most reputable architectural offices in Japan. It works at the interface between art and architecture. The team, consisting of Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima, lives and works in Tokyo. The art project was developed in collaboration with the Hannes Rössler architectural office.


Bank of the Isar on the Schwindinsel

80469 Munich