DeepDigDug – Prisma

Pablo Alonso, Motoko Dobashi, Martin Hast, Matthias Männer & Kaori Nakajima

25 May — 26 Jun 11

MaximiliansForum and urban space

Collage of different images. Four square images are arranged in three rows, one above the other. The images show excerpts from paintings, performances and installations by various artists.

DeepDigDug – Prisma, 2011 © Foto: Pablo Alonso

“DeepDigDug – Prisma”, an exhibition project by Japanese and German artists at the MaximiliansForum and in urban space, is characterised by exchange and networking.

“DeepDigDug – Prisma” is a collaborative project between artists Motoko Dobashi, Martin Hast, Kaori Nakajima, Matthias Männer and Pablo Alonso. The title is derived from a computer game called Dig Dug, which was very popular in Japan in the 1980s and involved digging cave systems through a virtual landscape. The exhibition project attempts to ‘dig’ networks in a similar way.

From 25 May to 26 June 2011, the above-mentioned artists, together with five other artists from Japan, realise the exhibition “DeepDigDug – Prisma!” at the MaximiliansForum. It is complemented by an above-ground installation in urban space, which is used for various activities and is constantly changing. “DeepDigDug – Prisma!” is the follow-up to a first joint exhibition in Tokyo in March 2010. The subtitle of the Munich exhibition and series of events – Prisma – is a term from optics: it refers to the artists’ intention to create new references by reflecting on each other’s work. The environment and architecture of the MaximiliansForum are effectively staged: Visitors are led into the exhibition through large illuminated sculptures and a labyrinthine passageway, and are confronted with a variety of spatial situations. Reflective surfaces and triangular shapes expand the space and break up familiar perspectives.


MaximiliansForum and urban space

Passage Maximilianstrasse / Altstadtring
80539 Munich