Susanne Wagner

10 Mai — 29 Nov 16

Firewall of Hotel Louis

Close-up of several differently coloured glazed ceramic discs mounted on a brick wall.

Detailed view of the different coloured glazed "Inklusionspunkte" © Foto: Michael Heinrich

Susanne Wagner’s project “Inklusionspunkt” invites people to engage with the topic of inclusion and offers them the opportunity to make their own contribution.

Inclusion means that people with or without a handicap can participate in social life on an equal footing. Art and culture can facilitate the process of bringing people with and without disabilities closer together, helping to break down mental barriers and create a sense of belonging.

The temporary and participatory art project “Inklusionspunkt” (“inclusion point”) by Susanne Wagner is designed as a two-stage concept. From May to November 2016, 79 differently coloured glazed ceramic discs are arranged in a large circle on the outside wall of the Hotel Louis in the Kustermann building at Viktualienmarkt 6. Each ceramic disc is embossed with the inscription INKLUSION.PUNKT. and numbered on the back. The inclusion points can be purchased individually. After its removal from the facade in November 2016, the circular object disintegrates and the inclusion points are awarded to their owners.

Inclusion points are purchased by institutions, companies and private individuals. Each individual inclusion point finds its way into society through the involvement of the population. Whether indoors or outdoors, in the living room at home or as a public statement on facades. Each point is an original. Each point becomes a symbol. The proceeds from the sale of the inclusion points will benefit the residents of the newly founded Inclusive Shared Apartment in the Kegelhof in Munich for artistic and cultural activities.

Susanne Wagner, born in 1977 in Munich, lives and works in Munich.


Firewall of Hotel Louis

Viktualienmarkt 6
80331 Munich