Tender: Annuale 2023

Current Memory-series

Steinbrener / Dempf & Huber: "Victory Spikes"

past statements – monuments under discussion



Annuale 2022

Jul — Oct 22

You can see an aerial view of the Munich Olympic Park, with the Olympic Stadium and its world-famous tent roof and the Olympic Lake

Ohne Titel

Thomas Mayfried

26 Aug — Fall/Winter 22

Olympic Regatta Course

Against the background of the regatta course and the tribune, nine flagpoles can be seen in the foreground of Thomas Mayfried's draft, of which the four on the left are designed with motifs by Otl Aicher

no programme today – 5/9/72

Fanti Baum & Sebastian Klawiter

25 Aug — 31 Dec 22

Olympic Regatta Course

Collage of the regatta course with an original picture of the rowing competitions in Munich in 1972


City Of Words

Lia Sáile

22 Aug — 23 Oct 22

Billboard at Lenbachplatz


art and memory


all year round

Die Dokumentation Oktoberfest-Attentat: Lebensgroße Silhouetten von Menschen, die Opfer des Attentats am 26. Septmber 1980 wurden. Im Vodergrund sind die Worte „Überlebende – Survivors“ auf einer Gruppe zu lesen.

past statements


15 Aug — 30 Nov 22

Urban space Munich

Oktoberfest Bomb Attack Documentation

Büro Müller-Rieger

since 26 Sep 20

Main Entrance Theresienwiese

Night view of the large group of illuminated silhouettes

Für Euch

Elke Härtel

since 16 Jul 17

Olympia shopping center

A ginkgo tree surrounded by an oversized ring with portraits of the nine people who were assassinated.

Monument to the gays and lesbians persecuted under the Nazi regime

Ulla von Brandenburg

since 27 Jun 17

Corner Oberanger / Dultstraße

Aerial perspective from above looking down on a house facade and the wide sidewalk at a street crossing. A 70 square meter floor mosaic made of colored stones in the form of a large angle is embedded in the pavement of the sidewalk.

Memory Loops

Michaela Melián

since 23 Sep 10

urban space Munich

The homepage of the virtual monument Memory Loops appears at www.memoryloops.net. 300 audio tracks (marked as blue circles on a sketched city map of Munich) on locations of Nazi terror in Munich can be clicked and heard there.


individual projects


all year round

A balloon-like sculpture made of thin black fabric can be seen flying over the Olympic Stadium. The sun shines brightly from the deep blue sky.

Bridge Sprout

Atelier Bow-Wow

1 Aug 20 — 31 Dec 22

Bank of the Isar on the Schwindinsel

You can see a wooden part of the bridge that only extends halfway over the Isar. The green Isar flows below, framed by densely leafy trees on a summer's day.


Alicja Kwade

Mar 20 — Dec 22

Cornelius Bridge / Erhardt Street

In summertime Munich you can see three cyclists on a bike path, three passers-by are walking on the sidewalk to the right. On the far right in the foreground is a 160cm tall bronze statue of Bavaria. Without the martial attributes of lion and sword, she is shown at eye level with passers-by.