Tender: Annuale 2023

Event within the series “Startsignale”

Beginning and end of a utopia – two installations from the “Startsignals” series have been facing each other at the Oberschleissheim rowing regatta facility since this summer: “Ohne Titel” by Thomas Mayfried and “5.9.72 – today no program” by Fanti Baum & Sebastian Klawiter.

In 1967, designer Otl Aicher and his team, Department XI of the Munich Olympiad Organizing Committee, presented design guidelines for the visual appearance of the 1972 Games. A light blue ring binder with a few pages full of example rules formulated the stringent creative framework for the colorful games. Thomas Mayfried and the wind from the south-west deconstruct the graphic elements from the 1967 handbook — a look into the machine room of the design and an attempt at the relationship between conception and reception. The installation “Ohne Titel” in the historical infrastructure of the 38 flagpoles is located directly opposite the main grandstand.

The neon work “5.9.72 – today no program” can be seen there: the date marks a radical break. The assassination attempt on the Israeli team marked a sudden turning point in the Olympic Games and the utopia of a cheerful get-together. At the moment of the almost incomprehensible event, the artists Peter Mell, Hans Poppel and Uwe Streifeneder produced a screen print that was the last sign of the cultural program taking place for the first time the so-called “Spielstraße” should be – today no program – 5.9.72. The work of Fanti Baum & Sebastian Klawiter has stopped time to commemorate the victims of the assassination.

On Saturday, December 10, 2022 at 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., a joint event will take place at the regatta grounds. In addition to Thomas Mayfried and Sebastian Klawiter, Karsten de Riese, contemporary witness and official NOK photographer at the time, will speak as a special guest and present his view of the Olympics.

Regatta Course Oberschleißheim, Dachauer Str. 35
Meeting point: Canteen, Munich Rowing and Canoeing Training Center
Free entry.


Oktoberfest Bomb Attack Documentation

Büro Müller-Rieger

since 26 Sep 20

Main Entrance Theresienwiese

Night view of the large group of illuminated silhouettes

Für Euch

Elke Härtel

since 16 Jul 17

Olympia shopping center

A ginkgo tree surrounded by an oversized ring with portraits of the nine people who were assassinated.

Monument to the gays and lesbians persecuted under the Nazi regime

Ulla von Brandenburg

since 27 Jun 17

Corner Oberanger / Dultstraße

Aerial perspective from above looking down on a house facade and the wide sidewalk at a street crossing. A 70 square meter floor mosaic made of colored stones in the form of a large angle is embedded in the pavement of the sidewalk.

Memory Loops

Michaela Melián

since 23 Sep 10

urban space Munich

The homepage of the virtual monument Memory Loops appears at www.memoryloops.net. 300 audio tracks (marked as blue circles on a sketched city map of Munich) on locations of Nazi terror in Munich can be clicked and heard there.


rage relief

Mako Sangmongkhon

24. Okt— 15. Jan 22

Billboard at Lenbachplatz

On display is a collage of small, two recurring motifs: a photo of several people and a pink Post-it with the handwritten note 'so much pressure'. The following text is superimposed on the collage: 'einfach beste wie oft ich schon von weißen almans dafür geshamed wurde dass ich nicht spirituell genug bin einfach nicht nur die culturel appropriation dreistigkeit sondern auch noch mich guilt trippen'. Below right a QR code which leads to wut.mako.social where four conversations with other artistic positions can be heard.


Bridge Sprout

Atelier Bow-Wow

1 Aug 20 — 31 Dec 22

Bank of the Isar on the Schwindinsel

You can see a wooden part of the bridge that only extends halfway over the Isar. The green Isar flows below, framed by densely leafy trees on a summer's day.


Alicja Kwade

20 Mar 20 — 31 Dec 23

Cornelius Bridge / Erhardt Street

In summertime Munich you can see three cyclists on a bike path, three passers-by are walking on the sidewalk to the right. On the far right in the foreground is a 160cm tall bronze statue of Bavaria. Without the martial attributes of lion and sword, she is shown at eye level with passers-by.