Oktoberfest Bomb Attack Documentation

Büro Müller-Rieger

since 26 Sep 20

Main entrance Theresienwiese

Night view of the large group of illuminated silhouettes

Night view of the illuminated silhouettes of the "Oktoberfest Bomb Attack Documentation" © Foto: Department of Culture LH Munich

Since the 40th anniversary, an information point at the main entrance to Munich’s Theresienwiese commemorates the Oktoberfest attack of September 26, 1980.

The “Oktoberfest Bomb Attack documentation” has been open since September 26, 2020. It is located at the main entrance to the Theresienwiese opposite the memorial to the victims. The exhibition can be visited around the clock with free admission.

The information center “Oktoberfest Bomb Attack Documentation” was developed together with survivors. 200 life-size, illuminated silhouettes on an area of ​​13 x 19 meters commemorate those affected. The groups of figures are assigned to five themed islands. Analogue and digital images and text convey information.

This means that the most serious right-wing terrorist attack in the Federal Republic of Germany at the site of the event is even more visibly recalled in the memory of the city community: the assassination attempt by the perpetrator Gundolf Köhler on September 26, 1980 killed 12 people and the assassin, and 221 were injured.

In addition to the monument by Friedrich Koller, the documentation should enable visitors to find out about the events of September 26, 1980 at the entrance to the Theresienwiese and to experience the scope of this attack from the perspective of the survivors. A commemorative plaque at Munich City Hall also commemorates the assassination.

As part of a commemoration event on the Theresienwiese on September 26, 2020, the “Oktoberfest Bomb Attack Documentation” was handed over to the public on the 40th anniversary, in the presence of the victims and Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.


Main entrance Theresienwiese

Bavariaring / across from Bavariaring 5
80336 Munich