Memory Loops

Michaela Melián

since 23 Sep 10

urban space Munich

The homepage of the virtual monument Memory Loops appears at 300 audio tracks (marked as blue circles on a sketched city map of Munich) on locations of Nazi terror in Munich can be clicked and heard there.

Memory Loops – audio artwork and virtual memorial for the victims of National Socialism in Munich © Foto: Department of Culture LH Munich

With the audio artwork “Memory Loops” by Michaela Melián, Munich created a virtual memorial for the victims of National Socialism on

With her concept Memory Loops, Michaela Melián won the art competition of the City of Munich in 2008 “Victims of National Socialism – New Forms of Remembrance and Commemoration”. The project was realized in cooperation with the Bavarian Radio / Radio Play and Media Art.

Memory Loops is largely based on transcriptions of historical and current original sounds by Nazi victims and contemporary witnesses. From this, Michaela Melián developed collages of voices and sounds that are linked to the topography of National Socialism in Munich. Five of these soundtracks were designed as one-hour memory loops that relate to the entire urban space and have focal points.

The center of the artwork is the website All audio files have been stored there on a city map since September 23, 2010. You can create your own route with just a few clicks. Whether on a mobile phone or on a mp3 player: Anyone interested can follow a self-designed memory loop through Munich. Selected soundtracks are also indicated in the Munich city area – they can also be called up on site by telephone.

Michaela Melián, born in 1956 in Munich, lives and works in Munich and Hamburg.