Ayzit Bostan & Gerhardt Kellermann

21 Jul — 21 Oct 12

Hofgarten arcades

Frontal view of the Hofgarten arcades at night. The arcade arches are draped with white curtains, the arcades behind them are illuminated and the light shines through the curtains.

REPLIKA, 2012 © Foto: Gerhardt Kellermann

The installation “REPLIKA” is an invitation to rediscover and experience the arcades of the Hofgarten as a public space in an unusual and poetic way.

Munich-based artist and fashion designer Ayzit Bostan has teamed up with Munich-based industrial designer and photographer Gerhardt Kellermann to create the art installation “REPLIKA”.

“REPLIKA” works with the artistic device of replicating or shifting a familiar image or spatial impression to another location. The installation refers in particular to the historical tradition of reproducing Italian architectural models in important buildings in Munich. Munich’s Feldherrnhalle, for example, is a copy of the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence. “REPLIKA”, on the other hand, is a temporary relocation of Venice’s Piazza San Marco to Munich’s Hofgarten. The two artists take the famous flowing curtains of Venice’s arcades and transfer them to the centre of Munich. On the north and west sides of the Hofgarten arcades, all 88 arches will be staged with light coloured curtains.

In addition to the aspect of architectural borrowing, the textile intervention “REPLIKA” also plays with the creative means of concealment and unveiling and thus with a new spatial perception of a well-known public place in Munich. The curtains are exposed to continuously changing foldings and drapings, constantly creating new views and changing spatial images. In this way, the arcades are emphasised and perceived anew by means of this seemingly simple intervention through the installation.

Ayzit Bostan, born in 1968 in Ankara, lives and works in Munich. Gerhardt Kellermann, born in 1983 in Oberwischau, lives and works in Munich.


Hofgarten arcades

80538 Munich