Zeitkapsel Hasenbergl

Pia Lanzinger

14 Apr 16 — 19 Oct 17

Kulturzentrum 2411

Image of a tour of Hasenbergl with several "time ambassadors" leading participants to the places of their memories.

Discovery tour of Hasenbergl with several "time ambassadors" to the places of their recounted memories © Foto: Pia Lanzinger

For her project “Zeitkapsel Hasenbergl”, Pia Lanzinger collects stories about Munich’s Hasenbergl district and preserves them in a time capsule for future generations.

Since April 2016, artist Pia Lanzinger collects stories about Munich’s Hasenbergl district for a new time capsule in her art project “Zeitkapsel Hasenbergl” (“Time Capsule Hasenbergl”). On 19 October 2017, the new time capsule is handed over to the public and embedded in the pedestal of the horse sculpture on the square in front of the 2411 cultural centre. 70 of Hasenbergl’s most memorable stories are videotaped and prepared for the new time capsule. The guest of honour is former mayor Dr. Hans-Jochen Vogel, who placed the original time capsule in the foundation stone in 1960. It was lost in 2012 when the horse sculpture was moved.

Pia Lanzinger, who grew up in Hasenbergl herself, sees this loss as an opportunity. Hasenbergl, on the northern outskirts of Munich, has undergone a social transformation since it was built in the 1960s, and with it, its image. A new time capsule is to be filled with new content and personal stories about the neighbourhood by as many participating time messengers as possible, to illustrate the positive changes that have taken place in the neighbourhood since its creation.

After the ceremony, the publication of the documented project is presented at the Stadtteilkulturzentrum 2411. On 26 October 2017, the time capsule project is moreover put on stage with participants from Hasenbergl in Room 3 of the Münchner Kammerspiele. The production focuses on the life and development of Hasenbergl as the first large post-war modernist housing estate on the outskirts of Munich. Experts from the fields of art, urban studies and sociology take up comparable developments in other cities.

Pia Lanzinger, born in 1960 in Munich, lives and works in Berlin.


Kulturzentrum 2411

Blodigstraße 4
80933 Munich