Tatiana Trouvé

Since June 2013


Image of a fountain sculpture by Tatiana Trouvé. The sculpture consists of a bronze cast of a mattress placed on a concrete base.

Waterfall, 2013 © Foto: Christoph Knoch

For “A Space Called Public”, Tatiana Trouvé creates an unconventional, surreal fountain especially for Munich.

The artist Tatiana Trouvé has installed a fountain that only becomes apparent at second glance. The artist works with material contradictions in her sculpture: She transforms the everyday object of a mattress into a high-quality bronze cast, which in turn is placed on a pedestal made of the simple building material concrete. The cast of the old mattress consists of furrows, pores and imprints. The object weeps, cries, sweats. It is a poetic contribution created for a quiet, contemplative place. The artist continues to explore the theme of balance and weight that is inherent in her work.

Tatiana Trouvé, born in Consenza in 1968, lives and works in Paris.



80337 Munich