Copper Lick

Lina Lapelytė

19 Mar — 18 Jun 24

Green area close to Kabelsteg Bridge

Copper Lick, 2024 © Foto: Studio Lina Lapelytė

Lina Lapelytė creates a sculptural listening space – a weekly ritual activated by a composition of surrounding bell towers and a vocal performance.

Weekly performance every Tuesday at 5 pm


With the work “Copper Lick”, conceived specifically for Munich, Lina Lapelytė is creating a listening space and performance – a weekly ritual that re-evaluates the gravity of church bells and the importance of the human voice.

Lapelytė in collaboration with Mantas Peteraitis Architecture Studio will design a temporary sculpture for the city, which will be activated weekly with a new composition for Munich’s church bells and a song performance. Situated in the Isarauen, “Copper Lick” will create a meeting point for passers-by for 90 days – a listening point, amplifier and sound mirror of the acoustic urban landscape. In the combination of city bells and live performance, Lapelytė contrasts the sounds of the bells with the fragility of the human voice. A temporary mix of materiality, space and rituals of coming together and listening is created.

Artist: Lina Lapelytė // Architect: Mantas Peteraitis Architecture Studio // Production: Sara Mack
I freispiel Kulturagentur // Assistance Munich: Nora Giersiepen // Communication: Claudia Illi,
Valentina Toso // Research Assistants: Agnė Kuprytė, Ieva Gudaitytė, Povilas Gumbis, Liam
Murtaugh // A project of Public Art München.

Particpating Churches
Münchner Dom // St. Lukas // St. Maximilian // St. Nikolai am Gasteig // Loretokapelle am Gasteig
// St. Johann Baptist

Bell Activators
Gerhard Kollmer, Markus Meyer, Johann Wunderer

Lina Lapelytė, born 1984 in Kaunas, Lithuania, lives and works in London and Vilnius.


Green area close to Kabelsteg Bridge

Corner of Kabelsteg Bridge / Meillerweg / Zellstraße
81667 Munich