Ruine München Companions

Ruine München

Jun — Oct 23

urban space Munich

© Foto: Ruine München, 2023

The artists’ collective dedicates its project to very different places in Munich in order to make the complex relationships within urban society visible.

Ruine München Companions unfolds as networks of relationships across seven locations – visible and
invisible, grown and constructed, necessary and wanted, burdened, frightening and familiar connections
all present at the same time. Connections that reach 100 years into the past, a million years into
the future, back to the 1970s, far before any reckoning of time, and back to the here and now.
Sometimes as hosts, sometimes as invitees, Ruine München creates a blurry map of the actual,
supposed, and potential ruins of the city together with local and international artists, scientists and nonhuman companions.


Sa, 15. APR
Prolog/Prologue: Atomruine
Companion: Kernkraftwerk Isar 2

So, 04. JUN
with Jonathan Penca and Anna Hjalmarsson
Companion: Fossilisation
Paläontologisches Museum
Richard-Wagner-Str. 10, Maxvorstadt

Sa, 08. JUL
with Mako Sangmongkhon and Clara Laila Abid Alsstar
Companion: Art in Public Space
Courtyard in the Wind
Friedenstraße 40, Haidhausen

So, 16. JUL
with Leo Heinik, Jan Erbelding and Maria VMier
Companion: The Biotope on the Nazisockel
in cooperation with Leon Zmelty, Saxophon-Klasse Prof. Koryun Asatryan, Ben-Haim-Forschungszentrum,
Hochschule für Musik und Theater München,
NS-Dokumentationszentrum München
Ehemalige »Ehrentempel«
Max-Mannheimer-Platz 1, Maxvorstadt

So, 10. SEP
with Shanzhai Lyric
Companion: The Ghosts of the Sharks from Miami
Schwabinger Tor
tram stop

Sa, 28. und So, 29. OKT
with Agnes Scherer a.o.
Companion: Tendril Ornament
Juristische Bibliothek im Rathaus, Altstadt

Di, 31. OKT
with Paula Erstmann, Jakob Braito, Georgia Kaw, Maria VMier, Jan Erbelding, Leo Heinik
Companion: Digestion
The Bellies of Those Present

© Foto: Ruine München, 2023