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A balloon-like sculpture made of thin black fabric can be seen flying over the Olympic Stadium. The sun shines brightly from the deep blue sky.

Unknown flying object – an aerosolar sculpture by Aerocene and Tomás Saraceno in flight over the Munich Olympic Stadium © Foto: Courtesy Aerocene Foundation, Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno

Larger international and local individual projects in urban space

Solo projects

Copper Lick

Lina Lapelytė

19 Mar — 18 Jun 24

Green area close to Kabelsteg Bridge

The Broken Pitcher

Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Marina Christodoulidou, Peter Eramian

Jun — Jul 23

Lenbachhaus, Garden

Ruine München Companions

Ruine München

Jun — Oct 23

urban space Munich

Bridge Sprout

Atelier Bow-Wow

1 Aug 20 — 15 Dec 22

Bank of the Isar on the Schwindinsel

You can see a wooden part of the bridge that only extends halfway over the Isar. The green Isar flows below, framed by densely leafy trees on a summer's day.


Alicja Kwade

20 Mar 20 — 29 Nov 23

Cornelius bridge / corner Erhardtstraße

In summertime Munich you can see three cyclists on a bike path, three passers-by are walking on the sidewalk to the right. On the far right in the foreground is a 160cm tall bronze statue of Bavaria. Without the martial attributes of lion and sword, she is shown at eye level with passers-by.

boykottiert die systeme!

Rudolf Herz & Julia Wahren

22 — 24 Jul 22

urban space Munich

The black-and-white photo shows several elderly people walking towards the viewer on a rain-soaked street

Aerocene Festival

Tomás Saraceno

6 — 11 Sep 19


A balloon-like sculpture made of thin black fabric can be seen flying over the Olympic Stadium. The sun shines brightly from the deep blue sky.

No Such Things Grow Here

Susi Gelb

21 Jul — 21 Aug 17

Max-Joseph-Platz, Odeonsplatz, Lenbachplatz

A video showing an eagle's head can be seen on a large screen at Max-Joseph-Platz. On the square, people sit in the shade of palm trees.

Dwelling Munich

Charles Simonds

11 May — 30 Jul 17

urban space Munich

A small-format work of art can be seen on a ledge of a house. It shows tiny dwellings, in the Pueblo style, built of red clay and tiny bricks.

Die Irrenden. Europäische Defigurationen


1 — 12 Jun 16

Max-Joseph-Platz and urban space

Three grey sculptures in the form of oversized heads can be seen on Max-Joseph-Platz. The heads bear the likenesses of Angela Merkel, ECB President Mario Draghi and Dutty Boukman, the leader of the first slave rebellion in Haiti in 1791.


Susanne Wagner

10 Mai — 29 Nov 16

Firewall of Hotel Louis

Close-up of several differently coloured glazed ceramic discs mounted on a brick wall.

Zeitkapsel Hasenbergl

Pia Lanzinger

14 Apr 16 — 19 Oct 17

Kulturzentrum 2411

Image of a tour of Hasenbergl with several "time ambassadors" leading participants to the places of their memories.


Philipp Messner

8 Jan — 5 Feb 16

Grounds on the south side of the Alte Pinakothek

View from above onto a surreal coloured snowscape with a snow cannon in operation. In the background is the University of Film and Television (HFF).


Michael Beutler

30 Jun — 10 Oct 14

Kunstareal Munich

On the lawn in front of the Alte Pinakothek lie two huge, colorful bales of straw.

Heat is a form of motion – Das Rumford-Labor

Yvonne Leinfelder & Alix Stadtbäumer

24 May — 22 Jun 14

urban space

Photograph of a green space in the English Garden, where an installation by artist Alix Stadtbäumer has been placed. The installation consists of a wooden plinth on which rests a gold-coloured sculpture of a potato from which golden shoots are sprouting.

Never Ever

Benjamin Bergmann

since 20 Oct 12

Former Leibnitz Rechenzentrum

A basketball backboard is mounted on the roof of a tall building, jutting into the blue summer sky.

Top View 29.53 ft.

Nevin Aladağ & Beate Engl

14 — 23 Sep 12


A metal scaffolding with a video screen mounted on it shows Nevin Aladağ's video work "Top View" at Munich's Rindermarkt.

Eine Forschungsreise wider das Vergessen

Paul Huf

5 Nov 11 — 27 Jan 12

Kulturhaus Milbertshofen

Black and white hand drawing by Paul Huf of the various stages of his journey through Poland.

DeepDigDug – Prisma

Pablo Alonso, Motoko Dobashi, Martin Hast, Matthias Männer & Kaori Nakajima

25 May — 26 Jun 11

MaximiliansForum and urban space

Collage of different images. Four square images are arranged in three rows, one above the other. The images show excerpts from paintings, performances and installations by various artists.

Bunter Abend

GÆG – Wolfgang Aichner & Thomas Huber

19 Mar — 7 Apr 11

Müllerstrasse 10

Photography of the large-scale projection "Bunter Abend" by Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber on the facade of a building at Müllerstr. 10 at night. In the projection, two thick colours - green and red - flow over each other from the upper edge of the projection area.



Green area close to Kabelsteg Bridge


Green area close to Kabelsteg Bridge


Green area close to Kabelsteg Bridge