Kunstvermittlung – Vermittlungskunst

Annuale 2011

Sep — Nov 11

The photograph shows two grandstand-like steel steps covered with white fabric. The grandstands are set up on both sides of Maximilianstrasse in front of the subways that now lead to the MaximiliansForum. The building of the Museum Fünf Kontintente can be seen in the background; Maximilianstrasse runs along the centre of the picture.


“Where does art end, where does mediation begin?” is the question posed by Annuale 2011. Eight interventions temporarily alter the familiar surroundings of Munich’s inhabitants.

The projects

Zweite Haut

Stefan Wischnewski

Nov 11 — Feb 12

urban space, various clubhouses and Gasteig

Photograph of a room with a ceiling installation. A large rectangular blue plastic sheet hangs from the ceiling. Various objects from different Munich clubs are attached to this tarpaulin. There are various pennants, t-shirts, baseball caps, trophies, costumes and other club paraphernalia.


Karin Bergdolt

8 — 14 Oct 11

urban space and Rathausgalerie

Coloured hand drawing of a cargo bicycle decorated with various objects. The imaginary vehicle is equipped with a light, binoculars and a water tank to transform it into a mobile research station.

Temporäres Büro für irrelevante Zeichen

Stephanie Müller & Klaus Dietl

6 — 8 Oct 11

Rathausgalerie and urban space

Close-up of a person, whose hands and arms are only visible in a black sweater, tying pieces of cloth to a black line of fabric.


Achim Sauter

4 — 14 Oct 11


Photography of a kiosk-like installation in a public space. The canopied kiosk, in black, red and white, is made of wooden panels and its sides are designed differently. The front has several compartments with a bench and a table in front of them. Another side has a hatch with lowered blinds and a display compartment for flyers underneath.

kunstwerkStadt. Urban learning through interaction, irritation, intervention


4 — 14 Oct 11

Rathausgalerie and urban space

Logo of the exhibition "kunstwerkStadt". The title of the exhibition is written in magenta over a green cadastral map. Below this is the subtitle: "Urbanes Lernen durch Interaktion, Irritation, Intervention. Aktionsausstellung in der Rathausgalerie und Projekte im Stadtraum 4. bis 14. Oktober 2011"


Bert Kramer

10 — 28 Sep 11

urban space and MaximiliansForum

Photograph of an installation on the lawn behind the Alte Pinakothek. The installation by artist Valerie Christiansen consists of various old packaging materials, mainly cardboard boxes and plywood fruit crates. The various boxes are arranged to form wheels and a kind of ramp, with a "no parking" sign in the middle. A few passers-by stand around the installation and look at it.