München – dezentral

Annuale 2016

Apr — Nov 16

The Annuale 2016 “München – dezentral” focuses on the reality of living in Munich’s districts outside the old town ring road and the Kunstareal.

The projects


Stefanie Unruh

15 Oct — 15 Dec 16


Various colourful glowing lights mounted on the tram shelter at Ratzingerplatz in Munich at dusk.


Silvia Wienefoet

5 Oct — 15 Nov 16

Various locations in Feldmoching-Hasenbergl and Milbertshofen-Am Hart

In front of a wall, the word "Liebe" ("Love") is taped to the ground in red capital letters. In the background is a brown field and beyond that the edge of a forest.


Mathis Nitschke

14 — 17 Sep 16

Travel agency at Münchner Freiheit

A woman in a blue suit sits on several packed suitcases and a rolled carpet in front of the travel agency at Münchner Freiheit.

Hors Champ

Kathrina Edinger

6 — 11 Aug 16


Screenshot of the video "Hors Champ". Overgrown place with undergrowth and trees under a bridge overlooking a motorway with passing cars.

Promises / Versprechen

Maximilian Erbacher

27 Apr — 30 Oct 16

Trudering, Obersendling, Lochhausen and Am Hart

White billboard with a wooden frame on a meadow with trees. In black letters in capital letters: "Before the last are taken, book your space in the sky".