Stefanie Unruh

15 Oct — 15 Dec 16


Various colourful glowing lights mounted on the tram shelter at Ratzingerplatz in Munich at dusk.

Heimleuchten, 2016 © Foto: Georg Szabo

With “Heimleuchten”, Stefanie Unruh transforms a former tram shelter on Ratzingerplatz into a light installation that can be seen from afar.

In autumn 2016, the former tram stop shelter at Ratzingerplatz in Obersendling becomes the stage for an art project by Stefanie Unruh. The artist installs fifteen different garden lamps, some of them coloured, on the roof of the former tram shelter. Each time the sun goes down, the lights are switched on by a timer. Some of the outdoor lamps are reminiscent of living room lamps, others of street lamps. The garden lights from the front gardens and driveways of the neighbourhood come together here. The light sculpture, which lights the way home for passers-by, is intended to create a surreal, intimate atmosphere in the deserted square and to be a landmark visible from afar.

The opening of the art project is accompanied by a musical programme in cooperation with Klangraum e.V., who use the rehearsal rooms on Ratzinger Platz.

Stefanie Unruh, born in 1959 in Hamburg, lives and works in Munich.



81379 München


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