Mathis Nitschke

14 — 17 Sep 16

Travel agency at Münchner Freiheit

A woman in a blue suit sits on several packed suitcases and a rolled carpet in front of the travel agency at Münchner Freiheit.

Katharina, 2016 © Foto: Mathis Nitschke

Mathis Nitschke’s opera installation “Katharina” questions how a performance-oriented society deals with the losers it creates.

The opera installation “Katharina” by Mathis Nitschke can be experienced in front of the travel agency at Münchner Freiheit. The fictional character Katharina has lost everything: her lover, her job, her flat. In her fight against oblivion, she develops a rage and is on the verge of overstepping the normative boundaries of social behaviour.

Mathis Nitschke stages “Katharina” as a remix of opera parts from Henry Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” with drum’n’bass elements and a harpsichord in front of the DER travel agency. The shop window of the travel agency serves as an auditorium. The audience participates in the events on the street via headphones and becomes part of the installation itself as an object in the shop window.

A project by
Mathis Nitschke

Thomas Jonigk (libretto), Martina Koppelstetter (performer), Goska Isphording (harpsichord recording)

Mathis Nitschke, born in 1973 in Munich, lives and works in Munich.


Travel agency at Münchner Freiheit

Münchner Freiheit 6
80802 Munich


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