Silvia Wienefoet

5 Oct — 15 Nov 16

Various locations in Feldmoching-Hasenbergl and Milbertshofen-Am Hart

In front of a wall, the word "Liebe" ("Love") is taped to the ground in red capital letters. In the background is a brown field and beyond that the edge of a forest.

Schönheimat, 2016 © Foto: Ralph Walczyk

Silvia Wienefoet’s text installation “Schönheimat” traces the topography of the sense of home.

The art project “Schönheimat” (“beautiful home”) traces the topography and location of the sense of home. The work uses universal values to focus on the sense of home of Munich’s young people in the north of the city. At various locations in Feldmoching-Hasenbergl and Milbertshofen-Am Hart the artist affixes text messages about those values in large orange letters on the ground.

Prior to this, the artist has worked with young people in workshops to explore concepts such as rootedness, attachment and identity. In the context of a neighbourhood characterised by people with a history of immigration, the workshops explored the importance of the often cited sense of home when you no longer live in the country where you or your parents were born. For the “Schönheimat” project, key values that guide their life choices were identified and places were chosen where the young people could live out their personal values and feel at home: Home not as a place, but as a place of inner feeling.

The individual stations are summarised on a map, which is available for the duration of the project in the “Art in Public Space” information box on the square at the Dülferstraße underground station. During this time, a quote by Heidelberg writer Tobias Rohde on the question of where to locate the feeling of home can also be read on the square: “Home is no longer a place”.

On the opening day, certified happiness teacher Inkeri Lüchem leads a tour of the neighbourhood to selected value points. Tobias Rohde, author, and Dr. Monika Bayer-Wermuth, art historian, give an introduction.

Silvia Wienefoet, born in 1975 in Gronau, lives and works in Munich.


Various locations in Feldmoching-Hasenbergl and Milbertshofen-Am Hart


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