Annuale 2023

May 23 — Mar 24

Sweet brown snails garden, 2023 © Foto: Department of Culture LH Munich

In a time of crises and lack of public and non-public spaces, Public Art München wants to enable open spaces (Freiräume) – and space for art.

The projects

All cows are beautiful

Jörg Koopmann

Jan — Mar 2024

Zenetti-/Thalkirchner Strasse

O.T. (Konversation)

Horst Wittmann & Thomas Steffl

Aug — Nov 23

Pedestrian zone

The Wolpertinger Project

Gabi Blum

Jul — Aug 23

settlement Neulustheim


Carmen Arias

Jul — Nov 23

Olympiapark, ticket office at Wilhelm-Dörpfeld-Weg


Stephanie Maier

Jul 23

Bellevue di Monaco and urban space Munich

Nocturnal city scene consisting of an office complex and a residential building, each with partially illuminated windows, as well as a bridge

Sweet brown snails garden

Dana Lürken

May — Sep 23

At the Bavariapark, square in front of the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum