The Wolpertinger Project

Gabi Blum

Jul — Aug 23

settlement Neulustheim

The Wolpertinger Project © Foto: Gabi Blum

Gabi Blum deals with the history of the Neulustheim settlement, where long-term leases expire and many properties are empty.

The Wolpertinger Project is an examination and commentary on the controversial situation in Ober- and Untermenzing, Munich, where plots of land in the »Neulustheim residential area« between the Waldhorn-, Lechel- and Menzinger streets are being returned to the state of Bavaria after 100 years of leasehold, with some of them having been left vacant for years. The central element is the backdrop comprising fragments of a house façade set up on one of the vacant plots. This is the starting point for further interventions in the neighbourhood and is accompanied by audio-visual research in collaboration with local residents. Screenings, tours and a revival of the former Wolpertinger forest inn with additional guests are planned. The project looks into the question of how urban spaces change and what this means for the residents. The result is a poetic record of a neighbourhood in transition.


22 July 3 pm
Opening with topping-out ceremony
Menzinger Strasse 118
80997 Munich

13 July – 10 August
Fence talks for residents and interested parties every Thursday at 6 pm (see also events)
as well as tours on 28 July, 4 and 11 August at 5 pm (only in good weather, updates at

I would prefer not to – Sandra Hauser

Sandra Hauser and her horse Don Orèo can be seen with the project “I would prefer not to” between 10 and 30 August  in the Neulustheim housing estate.

The artist

Gabi Blum was born in 1979, lives and works in Munich.


settlement Neulustheim