All cows are beautiful

Jörg Koopmann

Jan — Mar 2024

Zenetti-/Thalkirchner Strasse

All cows are beautiful 2023/2024 © Foto: Jörg Koopmann

The bronze sculpture of a lying ox, which is almost unknown and neglected in the slaughterhouse district, will be enhoused in a spacial installation.

Hans Wimmer brought me here 60 years ago. I lay there on this pedestal, surrounded by fresh water, and was supposed to represent something. At the entrance to the slaughterhouse of all places – I thought to myself. It was never nice. Then came the fence so that no one could get hurt by my horn… what can I say. I would rather lie on the street to irritate this endless stream of trucks that bring hundreds of my cattle and cattle children to death row here every day.

I actually wanted to leave here, I’m tired of it here, only a few people would have noticed anyway. I wanted to visit the spot where the brave cow was shot by police in 2014 after escaping from the slaughterhouse. I would have loved to have met such a brave, defiant lady, and I would have preferred to represent something on the path where she died, namely the will to live and the beauty of my species. I wasn’t allowed to leave here, they were afraid I wouldn’t come back, which I would have been reluctant to do. They want me here, maybe I have to embody people’s bad conscience – and yes, I have time, maybe I’ll live to see other work taking place here behind the walls.

The funny person who wanted to help me escape is now building me a house, it’s supposed to be a greenhouse, as if I were a tomato or a cucumber, but oh well, sometimes I feel so small and fragile. It can’t get any sadder than it is now. Jörg visited me often and promised me that he would temporarily reactivate the fountain. – I missed the splashing for a long time, there was only car noise here since there was also a parking lot where I was lying here.

I’m curious about what’s to come. Maybe people come and talk to me, maybe they bring me flowers or light a candle, and maybe they think about whether what they eat every day is so normal. I couldn’t choke it down, let alone regurgitate it. I like plants. Yes, I would like to represent that eating plants is great and also makes you big and strong. A memorial against speciesism and for vegan nutrition, I could imagine that being a better task here. Maybe I should stand up on my tired legs, stretch, and scream loudly (like my mom did when I was taken away from her). I don’t know if I can find that strength anymore, and maybe my sadness is more authentic.

Come over, I’ll probably disappear into the greenhouse around the end of December, but we can still see each other. And above us the zodiac sign of Taurus will shine in the winter sky, which is always particularly beautiful.

My home will remain until March 19th, when we will celebrate the 117th birthday of Hans Wimmer, my father, together. What comes next is anyone’s guess.

I’m looking forward to visitors,


Your patient ox from the Zenetti 2


Text: Jörg Koopmann

Jörg Koopmann, born in 1968 in Munich, lives and works in Munich.


All cows are beautiful, 2023/2024 © Foto: Jörg Koopmann
All cows are beautiful, 2023/2024 © Foto: Jörg Koopmann


Zenetti-/Thalkirchner Strasse

80337 Munich