O.T. (Konversation)

Horst Wittmann / Thomas Steffl

Aug — Nov 23

Pedestrian zone

O.T. (Konversation) © Foto: Horst Wittmann / Thomas Steffl

The familiar forms of seating in the city center are taken up and transformed into a playful construction kit that enables new constellations and encounters.

By chance, some find each other, wanted and agreed upon others.

Try to meet or avoid the looks and questions of the other person.

Countless, every day anew, human exchange takes place and excites the center of the city. Exuberant voices, faces, looks.

The five arrangements of the untitled installation by Wittmann and Steffl offer everyone a place in a prominent location not far from the town hall, the opera house and the Feldherrnhalle.

Different forms of the same game over and over again. The mere eye contact, the entertaining conversation, the in-depth conversation. With you, my counterpart.


Installation in public space from the multi-part series / mixed media, Believe your eyes

The artists

Horst Wittmann, born 1980, and Thomas Steffl, born 1970, live and work in Munich.

O.T. (Konversation) © Foto: Horst Wittmann / Thomas Steffl
O.T. (Konversation) © Foto: Horst Wittmann / Thomas Steffl


Pedestrian zone

Theatinerstrasse/ Corner Perusastraße