Carmen Arias

Jul — Nov 23

Olympiapark, ticket office at Wilhelm-Dörpfeld-Weg

Former ticket office with program preview of the Fair-Play interventions © Foto: Carmen Arias

Carmen Arias reactivates a former ticket office in the Olympic Park as a free space for five artistic interventions.

“Fair-Play” brings together five artists who will revive the former ticket booth on Wilhelm-Dörpfeld-Weg between June and November. For some time now, the ticket booths have stood quietly alone, virtually invisible in the distinctive landscape of the Olympic Park – a landscape dominated by piles of rubble and glass roofs. Having served their purpose as ticket offices for the 1972 Summer Games, no further use has been made of these futuristic, brutalist buildings which have stood ever since like alien bodies in the Olympic Parc. However, it‘s this unreal character which makes the ticket booths in particular the perfect stage – a free space for artistic interventions. Five artists will be working at this site, mainly with sound, to explore the abandoned location and to bring it back to life by means of temporary interventions.

Carmen Arias, born in 1999 in Santander, Spain, lives and works in Munich.


FairPlay I : A Lecture On Prominent Forms
Artist: Carmen Arias

July 8 – 20, Opening 7 July 

Artist: Daniel Door

28 July 9 August , Opening 27 July 7 pm
aily 6 -10 pm

FairPlay III : whose words formed difficult curves
Artist: Rosa Luckow

29 September13 October, Opening 28 September from 5 pm
aily 24 hours

Fair Play IV : 3-way-handshake
Artist: Nassim L’Ghoul
20 October – 9 November 2023, Opening 19 October from 5 pm
daily 4 -10 pm

Fair Play V : Hoffen ist ein Verb am Ende
Artist: Hennicker-Schmidt
19 – 30 November 2023, Opening 18 November with a performance at 4 pm
Sound-Installation: daily
Guided visits by appointment.

Hennicker-Schmidt initiate a process. They power up the machines. Expectations rise, tension likewise. Don’t we all want to go somewhere? At least a bit away from here. In “Hoffen ist ein Verb am Ende” Hennicker-Schmidt perform a loop of joyful anticipation and disappointment. Inspired by the particular place and our time. Those who give up early have already lost. Start your engines. It’s happening again.

Detailed information about the individual interventions can be found on the project website fairplay-project.com



Olympiapark, ticket office at Wilhelm-Dörpfeld-Weg

80809 Munich