Stephanie Maier

Jul 23

Bellevue di Monaco and urban space Munich

Nocturnal city scene consisting of an office complex and a residential building, each with partially illuminated windows, as well as a bridge

Nightowls-Munich, 2023 © Foto: Stephanie Maier

Stephanie Maier offers an unusual perspective on the city and the experiences of young adults.

Over a quarter of Munich’s urban population is under the age of 27. Many young adults, however, do not feel sufficiently represented in the city. Nightowls-Munich shifts the focus to the often-invisible world of this generation. Stephanie Maier accompanies eight young protagonists to their personal open spaces at night and reflects on the relationship between social space, architecture and the body. Besides a video portrait in essay form, a city map of nocturnal open spaces is created in which the protagonists can be seen in augmented reality. The website has been developed for this purpose. It provides background information and gives an unusual perspective on the city and on the experiences of an often-overlooked section of the population.

The video essay is screened on the firewall of the building at Müllerstraße 10 opposite Bellevue di Monaco and a bicycle tour to the open spaces at night will be offered.

Stephanie Maier, born in Munich in 1967, lives and works in Munich.



Bellevue di Monaco and urban space Munich