München 2015 – eine Standortbestimmung

Annuale 2015

Feb — Nov 15

View of Karolinenplatz with the obelisk in the centre and a temporary installation by Lena Bröcker. Rows of pale yellow recycling containers are arranged in a star shape on the green areas of the square.

Neue Werte, 2015 © Foto: Lothar Reichel

Where does Munich and its art stand in 2015? The Annuale 2015 examines the current situation.

The projects

Neue Werte

Lena Bröcker

13 Oct — 12 Nov 15


White lotus – an intercultural ritual

Hyon-Soo Kim

23 Jun — 13 Sep 15


View of the green area of the Marienhof. The back of the New Town Hall can be seen in the background. The sculptur of a white plastic lotus flower is placed in the centre of the green. People on yoga mats are grouped in a circle around the lotus flower on the lawn, performing a bowing yoga pose.

Giesing: Inside – Outside

Ivan Baschang

18 Jun — 22 Aug 15

Ober– and Untergiesing

View of a shop window. A photograph by the artist Ivan Baschang hangs in the window pane, behind which is a white louvred curtain. The photograph shows a neon sign on a black background. The words 'Spielalon Atlantic City' are written in blue neon. A flowering rosebush stands at the side of the window.


Mia Maljojoki

8 — 9 May 15

Mezzanine floor of Münchner Freiheit underground station

Rectangular image with what appears to be computer-generated content. On a yellow-pink background reminiscent of a sunrise sky, the lower half of a woman's face appears in grey with bright red lips. Hints of long gold earrings hang from invisible ears. Golden pentagons, like speech bubbles, protrude from the woman's mouth.

“Die Eskimotragödie” (memento mori)

Stefan Lenhart

18 Feb 15

Academy of Fine Arts, urban space and Old South Cemetery

Photograph of a procession on Akademiestraße with residential buildings in the background. Some of the procession participants are dressed in historical mourning clothes, consisting of a black coat, black trousers and black hats. At the front is a band with various instruments playing historical funeral marches during the procession.