White lotus – an intercultural ritual

Hyon-Soo Kim

23 Jun — 13 Sep 15


View of the green area of the Marienhof. The back of the New Town Hall can be seen in the background. The sculptur of a white plastic lotus flower is placed in the centre of the green. People on yoga mats are grouped in a circle around the lotus flower on the lawn, performing a bowing yoga pose.

White lotus – an intercultural ritual, 2015 © Foto: Hisuk Chai

The artist Hyon-Soo Kim places the sculpture of a white lotus flower in the centre of Munich, inviting passers-by to take part in an intercultural meditation ritual.

In the summer of 2015, the Marienhof becomes a place of art and meditation: Korean artist Hyon-Soo Kim’s art event “White lotus – an intercultural ritual” features an oversized sculpture of a white lotus flower on the green space behind the town hall. The lotus flower has played a central role in the thoughts of many cultures and religions for thousands of years. Among the many symbolisms, the open lotus blossom is seen as a symbol of cosmic harmony, a symbol of peace and tolerance, and a sign for meditation.

On five days, the artist invites passers-by to an “intercultural ritual” of 108 bows. The ritual refers to the 108 passions and sufferings of Buddhist teachings. All passers-by are invited to join in the 30-minute performance and exchange the hustle and bustle of the city for a moment of meditative silence.

Hyon-Soo Kim, born in 1956 in Uiseong, South Korea, lives and works in Berlin.



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