Mia Maljojoki

8 — 9 May 15

Mezzanine floor of Münchner Freiheit underground station

Rectangular image with what appears to be computer-generated content. On a yellow-pink background reminiscent of a sunrise sky, the lower half of a woman's face appears in grey with bright red lips. Hints of long gold earrings hang from invisible ears. Golden pentagons, like speech bubbles, protrude from the woman's mouth.

1000 STARDUST, 2015 © Foto: Mia Maljojoki

For 24 hours, “1000 STARDUST” turns the Münchner Freiheit into a symbolic place for the uniqueness of every person, but also for the fact that we are all the same.

Mia Maljojoki’s performance “1000 STARDUST” is for and about the people of Munich. And it is a project that wants to investigate what can happen in 24 hours in the underground station Münchner Freiheit.

On site is a picture installation consisting of 1000 hexagonal buttons in a wide variety of human skin tones. These buttons, which appear skin-coloured in light, glow like stars in the dark. Initially, the buttons form a uniform surface like a giant honeycomb. This refers to the togetherness of people, their common nature: we are all one.

During the 24 hours, artist Mia Maljojoki and her colleague, performance artist Monika Gomis, perform and act on site. The individual honeycombs/hexagons, all numbered on the back, are distributed to passers-by and carried into the city from Münchner Freiheit. The focus here is on individuality: everyone has their own path, their own experiences, their own skin colour. The image of the microcosm ‘honeycomb’ is turned into the idea of a universal cosmos: “1000 STARDUST”.

Mia Maljojoki, born in 1970 in Joensuu, Finland, lives and works in Munich.


Mezzanine floor of Münchner Freiheit underground station

80802 Munich