Giesing: Inside – Outside

Ivan Baschang

18 Jun — 22 Aug 15

Ober– and Untergiesing

View of a shop window. A photograph by the artist Ivan Baschang hangs in the window pane, behind which is a white louvred curtain. The photograph shows a neon sign on a black background. The words 'Spielalon Atlantic City' are written in blue neon. A flowering rosebush stands at the side of the window.

Giesing: Inside – Outside, 2015 © Foto: Nadja Mair

With his project “Giesing: Inside – Outside”, artist Ivan Baschang has given a temporary lease of life to disused shop windows in Giesing.

“Giesing: Inside – Outside” is the title of Ivan Baschang’s homage to this traditional Munich neighbourhood. Giesing’s shop windows become the stage for an art project in public space: despite ongoing gentrification, old, ‘forgotten’ and derelict displays and shop windows of small retail and craft shops still exist in Giesing. Ivan Baschang presents an interim utilisation against the forgetting of a long-established identity.

From June to August 2015, photographs of decorated window displays from other parts of the city are exhibited in fifteen of the old shop windows between Schyrenbad, Kolumbusplatz and Alpenplatz. The exhibition locations are linked as a tour, which is documented in a flyer with a map. A QR code is attached to each shop window, which leads to the artist’s website and provides more information on the project.

The project kicks off with a tour of each window accompanied by music from the band “ATP” (“All The People”). Halfway through the exhibition period a breakfast matinée will take place at Café Schulz, followed by a cycle tour of the exhibition from Obergiesing to Untergiesing.

Ivan Baschang, born in 1971 in Karlsruhe, lives and works in Munich and Paris.


Ober– and Untergiesing