Erkundungen: Orte – Plätze – Räume

Annuale 2013

May — Oct 13

Freiheitsbäume, 2013 © Foto: Yvonne Leinfelder

The Annuale 2013 aims to open up new, unusual perspectives on well-known Munich places, squares and spaces.

The projects



18 — 19 Oct 13

Entrance gate of the State Museum of Egyptian Art

Photograph of a double video projection of the film "Wednesday" by the artist duo M+M on the outer façade of the entrance gate of the State Museum of Egyptian Art. The black and white video stills on display show the same man driving in a car in the dark. His expression is serious and he is looking in the rear-view mirror. The headlights of another car can be seen through the rear window.

Transport a Smell of Revolution

Christian Schnurer

5 Aug — 20 Sep 13

Maximilianstrasse and Türkenstrasse

Photograph of a brown burnt-out car wreck without tyres parked on Maximilianstraße in Munich in front of the Chanel shop.

public [dis]appearance / public [re]appearance

Department für öffentliche Erscheinungen

13 — 16 Jun 13


Photograph of a meadow in the courtyard garden with many white signs stuck into it. Words and sentences are written on the signs in different colours.


Paul Huf & Lars Mentrup

10 — 11 May 13

Platz der Freiheit

Photograph of the trees at Platz der Freiheit in Munich-Neuhausen. The blue street sign with "Platz der Freiheit" can be seen in the foreground. Behind it are the trees with brightly coloured lanterns hanging from them.