Paul Huf & Lars Mentrup

10 — 11 May 13

Platz der Freiheit

Photograph of the trees at Platz der Freiheit in Munich-Neuhausen. The blue street sign with "Platz der Freiheit" can be seen in the foreground. Behind it are the trees with brightly coloured lanterns hanging from them.

Freiheitsbäume, 2013 © Foto: Yvonne Leinfelder

Paul Huf and Lars Mentrup are revitalising the ‘Platz der Freiheit’ with the participatory installation “Freiheitsbäume” in memory of Munich’s resistance fighters.

The ‘Platz der Freiheit’ in the district of Neuhausen seems like a forgotten place, unused and surrounded by traffic noise, nothing invites you to linger. On the weekend after Liberation Day (8 May), Paul Huf and Lars Mentrup bring the ‘Platz der Freiheit’ back to life. They commemorate Munich’s resistance to the Nazis in an unexpected and poetic way. Lanterns of all colours illuminate the “Freiheitsbäume” (“Trees of Freedom”) on the square. The names of those who fought for freedom are written on long banners. The banners with the names of the resistance fighters are based on the Japanese tradition of writing wishes on small banners and hanging them from trees. Anyone who wants to stop by can write their thoughts and feelings about freedom on their own banners.

The art project opens up a different view of the ‘Platz der Freiheit’ and gives citizens the opportunity to emotionally appropriate this place. At the same time, the resistance fighters under National Socialism are remembered and a new form of commemoration is sought using artistic means. The artists are therefore inviting local residents and passers-by to activate this special place with them on two evenings. Picnic blankets can be borrowed on site to linger for a snack or a break and conversation on the square.

Paul Huf, born in 1967 in Guadalajara (Mexico), lives and works in Munich and Berlin. Lars Mentrup, born in 1976 in Trier, lives in Munich.


Platz der Freiheit

Corner Leonrodstrasse/Landshuter Allee
80634 Munich