Annuale 2020

Jul — Dec 20

A small metal bench with red seats stands on the bank of a lake. Four inflatable rubber swans are floating on the mist covered lake.

Bankerl, 2020 © Foto: Severin Vogl

The series “Öffentlichkeiten” explores the current dimensions, open questions and future visions of the public sphere.

The projects


Anders Eiebakke & Nando Schneider

12 — 31 Dec 20

Shop window at Breakout

The face of a man appears indistinctly on a green background, with rows of white binary computer code running in front of it.

No Pitstop


16 Sep — 28 Oct 20

Metropol Kunstraum München

A black vintage Porsche is parked under the white and blue canopy of the former Metropol gas station.


Gretta Louw

17 — 27 Jul 20

Glockenbach district

View of several colourful advertising billboards mounted on a house wall with black text on them. In front, you see a row of parked cars.


Ruth Geiersberger & Severin Vogl

Jul — Nov 20

urban space Munich

In the background is a cornfield against a cloudy sky. In front of it is a white metal bench with red cushions, on which sits a blonde woman in a black dress and yellow tights.