No Pitstop


16 Sep — 28 Oct 20

Metropol Kunstraum München

A black vintage Porsche is parked under the white and blue canopy of the former Metropol gas station.

No Pitstop, 2020 © Foto: M+M

As part of the series “Öffentlichkeiten”, artist duo M+M present their project “No Pitstop”, an invitation to discuss the theme of mobility.

From 16 September to 28 October 2020, the architectural model of an “Autobahnschleife” (“motorway loop”) is on display at Metropol Kunstraum Munich. The loop represents the possibility of leaving an elevated motorway at a selected point, making a 360-degree turn and then returning to the motorway. The project is being continuously developed by the artist duo M+M in close collaboration with a Munich-based engineering office.

At once utopian and dystopian, “No Pitstop” aims to encourage people to engage in participatory road traffic projects and to address transport infrastructures and their consequences for people and the environment. Reflections on slowing down and reflecting on our culture of acceleration and efficiency have been updated in a peculiar way due to corona-related restrictions. With “No Pitstop”, the artists also question whether this will permanently change the nature of mobility and influence people’s behaviour in public spaces.

Martin De Mattia, born 1963 in Duisburg, lives and works in Munich. Marc Weis, born 1965 in Daun, lives and works in Munich.


Metropol Kunstraum München

Georgenstraße 42
80799 Munich


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