Achim Sauter

4 — 14 Oct 11


Photography of a kiosk-like installation in a public space. The canopied kiosk, in black, red and white, is made of wooden panels and its sides are designed differently. The front has several compartments with a bench and a table in front of them. Another side has a hatch with lowered blinds and a display compartment for flyers underneath.

KIOSK FRee, 2011 © Foto: Achim Sauter

With his “KIOSK FRee”, Achim Sauter is opening a multi-faceted meeting place in the heart of Munich’s city centre that goes beyond the constraints of consumerism and participation.

KIOSK FRee is a temporary small-scale architecture, a multifaceted meeting point and an everyday meeting place for everyone, regardless of age, origin or social status. Based on a temporary installation by artist Christoph Ziegler, art and cultural projects are realised with the direct or indirect participation of passers-by and guests. The process of creation, experimentation on site, the intangible temporary and the dynamics of a temporary collaboration are crucial. The actions take place processually and site-specifically in the urban space.

Public space is explored beyond the constraints of participation and constituted within existing artistic possibilities. What models of participation and communication for artistic dialogue still exist in the urban interspace? How can this go beyond economic use? How can stereotypical identity models be avoided?

A project by
Achim Sauter

Christoph Ziegler, Empfangshalle, Department of volxvergnuegen, Karin Bergdolt, Paula Pongratz, Salzstangensalon, Tassilo Letzel

Achim Sauter, born in 1980, lives in Brackenheim.



80336 Munich