Bert Kramer

10 — 28 Sep 11

urban space and MaximiliansForum

Photograph of an installation on the lawn behind the Alte Pinakothek. The installation by artist Valerie Christiansen consists of various old packaging materials, mainly cardboard boxes and plywood fruit crates. The various boxes are arranged to form wheels and a kind of ramp, with a "no parking" sign in the middle. A few passers-by stand around the installation and look at it.

ASAP, 2011 © Foto: Valerie Christiansen I Bert Kramer

For the project “ASAP”, Bert Kramer invites guests from various fields to ‘bus talks’, each of which culminates in an action in public space.

For ‘ASAP’, Dutch artist Bert Kramer meets Munich and international ‘urban space experts’ from the fields of architecture, art, crafts, cooking, circus and more. He invites them onto a typical Dutch bus, which is converted into a platform and ‘intervention machine’ with a fold-out stage. In conversation, Bert Kramer and his guests discuss the city, their own approach and access to public space, and their interactions. The vehicle stops at specific locations chosen by the guests to turn words into action.

The recorded conversations and interventions are presented at the MaximiliansForum on 28 September 2011 and published online in early October. As a triptych, the short films show the encounter between city, people and action. In addition, short videos with similar themes can be uploaded to the website.

A project by
Bert Kramer

Valerie Christiansen, Christian Schnurer, Johanna Berüter, Claude Biemans, Toni Kaiser, Calanne Moronay, Daniel Überall, Ralf Homann, Stephanie Müller, Klaus Dietl


urban space and MaximiliansForum