Karin Bergdolt

8 — 14 Oct 11

urban space and Rathausgalerie

Coloured hand drawing of a cargo bicycle decorated with various objects. The imaginary vehicle is equipped with a light, binoculars and a water tank to transform it into a mobile research station.

MOFO.FOBEL, 2011 © Foto: Karin Bergdolt

With her mobile research station, artist Karin Bergdolt invites people to take part in participatory explorations of public space.

Within public life in the city, there are limited opportunities for experimental appropriation of space and the world. Urban planning, economic and social boundaries and rules determine the intensity with which the natural urge to discover and explore can be pursued, how much room there is for ‘odd ways’, whether and how different perspectives can be adopted.

This is where artist Karin Bergdolt’s project comes in: The “MObile-FOrschungs-Station”, or “MOFO” for short, and the “FOrschungsBEuteL”, or “FOBEL” for short, are a sculpture and a movable, usable element in one. MOFO.FOBEL is concerned with the sensual exploration of public space. The aim is to translate the results of this process – photographs, videos, drawings, found objects, comments and dialogues – into an artistic work.

Dialogue with different communities is an integral part of the process. The ‘research vehicle’ is built in collaboration with children and young people from the Arnulfpark housing estate and remains roadworthy. The work process is supported by the Spielhaus Sophienstraße in Munich. The basis for the “MOFO” is a transport bicycle, which is rebuilt and equipped with various repurposed materials. The “FOBEL” is a customised research bag (based on a courier’s rucksack) with selected equipment to enable research to continue when the vehicle can no longer move forward.

In addition, the “MOFO.FOBEL” is presented as an installation in the Rathausgalerie as part of the “kunstwerkStadt” exhibition. The findings from the explorations in public space are transferred to an associated LABORATORY STATION in the Rathausgalerie, which will be continuously equipped as the explorations progress.

Karin Bergdolt, born in 1968 in Nördlingen, lives and works in Lauf a.d. Pegnitz.


urban space and Rathausgalerie

Marienplatz 8
80331 Munich