kunstwerkStadt. Urban learning through interaction, irritation, intervention


4 — 14 Oct 11

Rathausgalerie and urban space

Logo of the exhibition "kunstwerkStadt". The title of the exhibition is written in magenta over a green cadastral map. Below this is the subtitle: "Urbanes Lernen durch Interaktion, Irritation, Intervention. Aktionsausstellung in der Rathausgalerie und Projekte im Stadtraum 4. bis 14. Oktober 2011"

kunstwerkStadt, 2011 © Foto: PA/Spielkultur

“KunstwerkStadt” is a participatory exhibition in the Rathausgalerie and in urban space, accompanied by a series of events in the run-up to the exhibition.

The exhibition forms a central platform that invites artistic and cultural projects to present their work and realise workshops and activities in public space. The aim of “kunstwerkStadt” is to discuss public urban space from a new perspective in terms of education, learning and participation. Artistic strategies and a playful appropriation of urban space enable an aesthetic, creative and critical examination of the topic of the city and the question of how we want to live in it. A symposium on the topic of “Urban Learning” is part of the project.


Rathausgalerie and urban space

Marienplatz 8
80331 Munich