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Jörg Koopmann



Ox sculpture by Hans Wimmer © Foto: Jörg Koopmann

The bronze sculpture of a lying ox, which is almost unknown and neglected in the slaughterhouse district, should be temporarily moved using a crane and demonstration procession.

In 1962, the ox well by artist Hans Wimmer was unveiled in front of the new abattoir office building on Zenettistraße. Jörg Koopmann plans to free this mournful, but still probably one of the most beautiful, representational bronze sculptures in the city from its neglected location and its impractical pedestal and to temporarily relocate it to a more (animal)-friendly home. This planned new open space, without fence or pedestal, is close to the Bavaria statue on the Theresienwiese, not far from the spot where a panicked cow, which had escaped from the abattoir, met its fatal end on 2.9.2014. In a commemorative march along this escape route, the ox should move to its new berth as a life-size memorial to how these sensitive, large animals are treated. The then empty, fenced-in plinth on Zenettistraße should discreetly serve as a place-holder.

The concept is currently being coordinated with the departments involved.


The artist

Jörg Koopmann was born in 1968, lives and works in Munich

Ox sculpture by Hans Wimmer © Foto: Jörg Koopmann
Visualization of the ox sculpture at the new location © Foto: Jörg Koopmann