Walk on a deeper ceiling

Agnes Jänsch & Cornelia Böhm

25 Sep — 5 Oct 19


A group of people follow two musicians with wind instruments leading this march.

Walk on a deeper ceiling, 2019 © Foto: Agnes Jänsch I Cornelia Böhm

The project “Walk on a deeper ceiling” makes the invisible subterranean architecture on the edge of Königsplatz audible.

Beneath Munich’s city centre, there are numerous underground spaces that we are barely aware of in our daily lives. The project “Walk on a deeper ceiling” by the artists Cornelia Böhm and Agnes Jänsch makes these invisible architectures audible by bringing them to the surface using the method of sonification.

In this way, “Walk on a deeper ceiling” artistically explores an important site of remembrance in the centre of Munich: the corridors and air-raid shelters that lie on the edge of Königsplatz as relics of the Nazi era. To this end, the architectural data of the rooms are translated into sounds that serve the composer Henrik Ajax as the basis for a site-specific composition. In an extensive research process, the artists have compiled the available planning material and carried out acoustic measurements of the underground buildings. The experimental composition based on this data is performed on site by two musicians as part of six live soundwalks. The subterranean spaces will not be entered, but walked through on the surface.

A project by
Agnes Jänsch and Cornelia Böhm

In collaboration with
Henrik Ajax (composition), Luca Chiché (trumpet) and Christian Eiband (bass trombone)

Agnes Jänsch, born in 1980 in Dachau, lives and works in Munich. Cornelia Böhm, born in 1982 in Straubing, lives and works in Munich.



80333 Munich