Songs of the Siren, Part I – House of Good Memories

Emanuel Mooner

9 — 20 May 19

Zehetmeierstr. 2

View through a hedge of thujas bent to one side to a house with a red front door behind it.

Songs of the Siren, Part I – House of Good Memories, 2019 © Foto: Emanuel Mooner

The three-part series “Songs of the Siren” explores abandoned places and their history in an interactive project. Part I starts in an empty house in Freimann.

Do people leave behind personal emotions in a place? Are they perceptible, measurable, transferable, retrievable? For the three-part series “Songs of the Siren”, Emanuel Mooner explores abandoned sites and their often troubled histories in an interactive project. The artist works with the atmosphere of empty buildings and moves at the boundaries of audibility. Visitors explore abandoned sites, some of which have been dormant for years, piece by piece. The reduction to auditory perception allows participants in this walk-in sculpture to experience sounds, associations and moods in a new way.

The first part of the series “Songs of the Siren, Part I – House of Good Memories” opens in a vacant house at Zehetmeierstraße 2 in Freimann. Emanuel Mooner transforms it into an acoustic environment, alienating individual rooms with audible and visible means, thus creating a very unique world of perception. Video installations also provide the viewer with impressions of children and young people who show how they deal with the legacy of the building in their own way. “House of Good Memories” is just one of many possible titles that could accompany visitors on their exploration of the abandoned house, which will be demolished immediately after this restaging.

Emanuel Mooner, born in 1972 in Munich, lives and works in Munich.


Zehetmeierstr. 2

80939 Munich