Martin Krejci & Thomas Glatz

12 Sep 19

Taxi stand at Candidplatz

Two dented road signs lying in the garbage on the ground in front of a pile of cobblestones.

Motorenwelt 2020, 2019 © Foto: Thomas Glatz

“MOTORENWELT 2020” is an experimental performance reading under challenging (traffic) conditions.

The performance “MOTORENWELT 2020” (“Motor World 2020”) takes place on Candidplatz, a busy square in the centre of Munich: Artists Thomas Glatz and Martin Krejci stand on opposite sides of the street and, amplified by megaphones, read selected letters from readers of a well-known motoring magazine to each other.

The letters deal with the phenomenon of private transport, fuel consumption, tolls and the comfort of SUVs. The majority of the texts are based on a positive attitude towards private transport. However, the constant noise of the street between the artists and the audience hinders the performance and makes it difficult to understand the letters read aloud; the rising and falling noise of the street becomes part of the performance. The reading merges seamlessly with an electronic noise concert by artists Anton Kaun and Daniel Door, which, together with parts of the reading, creates a kind of live radio play.

Martin Krejci, born in 1969 in Linz, lives and works in Munich. Thomas Glatz, born in 1970 in Landsberg/Lech, lives and works in Munich.


Taxi stand at Candidplatz

81543 Munich