Nature Unplugged

Franziska Agrawal

1 Jun — 29 Aug 19

Olympic Park

On the lawn in front of the Olympiaberg there are three black wooden triangles for seating, in the background you can see people on the lawn and the Olympiaberg.

Nature Unplugged, 2019 © Foto: Department of Culture LH Munich

The acoustic installation “Nature Unplugged” explores the sonic dimensions of nature in the city.

According to nature psychologists, the sounds of nature not only relax us, but have also been shown to improve the physical and mental health for people living in the city. The acoustic installation “Nature Unplugged” by Franziska Agrawal captures these sonic dimensions of nature in an urban environment.

The artist has placed geometric ‘sound catchers’ between Olympiaberg, Olympiaalm and the bronze sculpture ‘Schuttblume’, inviting people to sit and relax. Thanks to their triangular shape, the ‘sound catchers’ amplify the acoustics of natural events. As well as escaping the constant soundscape of the city, those seated can also sharpen their acoustic perception and hear silence again.

Under the title “Yoga Unplugged”, the artist also offers a yoga class in the middle of her installation.

Franziska Agrawal, born in 1979 in Ulm, lives and works in Munich.


Olympic Park

Lawn between Olympiaberg, Olympiaalm & Schuttblume
80809 Munich