Sofia Dona

11 May — 11 Jun 19

Starnberger Flügelbahnhof

View of the empty station hall of the Starnberger Flügelbahnhof Munich with closed ticket counters. At the front of the concourse, between the exit doors, are black announcement posters with the project title "Applaus" in white lettering on a black background.

Applaus, 2019 © Foto: Constanza Meléndez

The sound installation “Applause” at Starnberger Flügelbahnhof in Munich recalls two historic moments of welcome at this site.

The sound installation “Applause” is reminiscent of the Starnberger Flügelbahnhof in Munich as a place of welcome – in 1989 for GDR citizens after the fall of the Berlin Wall and in 2015 with the arrival of refugees. The art project focuses on the applause at the time. Against the backdrop of the current political climate and the rise of right-wing radicalism, Sofia Dona’s acoustic memory poses the question: How can we perceive this applause today? What does it evoke in us now? The sound installation invites us to re-experience the welcome of 2015 at the historic site – at the moment of the structural transformation of Munich Central Station.

Sofia Dona, born in 1981 in Athens, lives and works in Munich and Athens.


Starnberger Flügelbahnhof

Central Station Munich
80335 Munich