Urban Trimm Dich!

Alexis Dworsky

1 — 31 Jul 17


The artist Alexis Dworsky doing a trim exercise.

Urban Trimm Dich!, 2017 © Foto: Alexis Dworsky

The artist Alexis Dworsky transforms Candidplatz into a freely accessible trim trail.

In the summer of 2017, artist Alexis Dworsky creates a freely accessible trim trail on Candidplatz with the participatory installation “Urban Trimm Dich!” (“Urban Trim Yourself!”). Instead of setting up fitness equipment, the artist has radically reinterpreted existing situations: you can jump over rubbish bins and do jumping jacks while the traffic lights are red. Signs point to some abstruse exercises. This creates moments of irritation for passers-by, which may make them think about public space or even motivate them to get physically active.

Why Candidplatz? Because the square really evokes an image of the city. And because it really needs it! Candidplatz represents Munich on the right bank of the Isar in an almost ideal way: on the one hand, it is characterised by traffic and appears almost shabby and forgotten. On the other hand, it has a very urban, even metropolitan feel.

As well as a big opening event with an entertainer and DJ, Alexis Dworsky offers several guided training sessions with artistic and sports-enthusiastic collaborators over the course of the project: you can train with Paul Huf, Florian Otto, Andreas Ruby, Anja Uhlig and Katharina Weishäupl.

Alexis Dworsky, born in 1976 in Freising, lives and works in Freising and Linz.



81543 München