It's about Time

Christoph Brech

14 Jul — 15 Oct 17

Giesinger Berg hill, outside the Heilig-Kreuz church

Several golden metal numerals are attached to the fence in front of the Heilig-Kreuz-church on Giesinger Berg hill.

It's about Time, 2017 © Foto: Christoph Brech

The twelve golden numerals of “It’s about Time” are intended to inspire reflection on the subject of time.

Artist Christoph Brech has created a large-scale installation of twelve golden numerals made of metal on Giesinger Berg hill outside the Heilig-Kreuz church. “It’s about Time” revolves around the phenomenon of time.

Drawing on the numerals of the clocks of the neighbouring bell tower of the Heilig-Kreuz church, its twelve Roman numerals are installed as a linear sequence of numbers on the Giesinger Berg hill. Breaking down the twelve-hour cycle of the clock into a finite linear sequence of numbers turns the endlessly circulating, ever-repeating historical time into a timeline. This artistic intervention facilitates a different perspective on how we count or experience time.

The Giesinger Berg hill seems tailor-made for this artistic intervention: originating in the Ice Age, the Giesinger Berg hill was settled early and stretches back in many layers into past eras. Original discoveries from the Giesinger Bajuwaren graveyard (6th and 7th century) will be highlighted during the exhibition period in the Heilig-Kreuz church and presented at the opening in a talk by Dr. Brigitte Haas-Gebhard, Bavarian State Archaeological Collection Munich.

As part of the “It’s about Time” art intervention, the philosopher and author Rüdiger Safranski gives a reading entitled “Time for Time” at the Monacensia Munich.

Christoph Brech, born in 1964 in Schweinfurt, lives and works in Munich.


Giesinger Berg hill, outside the Heilig-Kreuz church

Gietlstrasse 2
81541 Munich