Haidhausen ON Air

Ralf Homann & Manuela Unverdorben

8 — 29 Jul 17

Bordeauxplatz and Postwiese at Lothringer Strasse

Lawn on Bordeauxplatz, with a radio antenna on a mast in the middle. Grouped around it are tables with radio equipment, parasols with the word "Radio" on them and deckchairs. People sit in the chairs, stand and sit on blankets.

Haidhausen ON Air, 2017 © Foto: Ralf Homann I Manuela Unverdorben

With their mobile radio sculpture “Haidhausen ON Air”, Ralf Homann and Manuela Unverdorben broadcast live programmes from Bordeauxplatz and the Postwiese at Lothringer Strasse.

With the “Haidhausen ON Air” art project, Manuela Unverdorben and Ralf Homann create a temporary micro-radio studio that broadcasts on FM 90.5 MHz. The two do not want to address the masses anonymously, but rather bring all listeners directly into the ‘studio’ and actively involve passers-by and neighbours in the live radio programme. The summer studio, consisting of bright red parasols, a picnic blanket, a mixer and a portable radio transmitter, broadcasts live on Bordeauxplatz and Postwiese at Lothringer Straße on several days in July.

The opening programme “Ice-Cream on Air” starts on Bordeauxplatz with a cooling exchange: a music request on the micro-radio in exchange for an ice cream from the picnic cooler bag. Afterwards, the children’s radio programme “Die Radiofunken” is broadcast. This is followed by the “Radio Picnic” programme, in which anyone who is interested is encouraged to take part in researching the topic and to share their own memories of the neighbourhood. Homann and Unverdorben focus on participation, they want passers-by to literally ‘go on air’. The monoshow “Rive-Droite” (French for “right bank”) takes place towards the end.

Homann and Unverdorben do not see micro-radio as a consumable mass medium, but as an active part of everyday life. The programmes focus on the recent history of the district and its changes, as well as on the urban narratives of today’s Haidhausen residents. The two artists invite all visitors to discuss their concerns live, to meet other people or to linger on the lawn and enjoy the summer atmosphere.

Ralf Homann, born in 1962, lives and works in Munich and Berlin. Manuela Unverdorben lives and works in Munich.


Bordeauxplatz and Postwiese at Lothringer Strasse

81667 Munich