Raus aus dem Depot!

Die Vorleserinnen

11 — 21 Jul 12


Black and white photograph of the Cornelius Bridge looking south towards the Reichenbach Bridge. On a concrete embankment of the River Isar, known as the Wehrbrücke, three women are walking, each wearing a balloon costume. One woman is wearing a costume made of orange balloons, the second is wearing a costume made of purple balloons and the third is wearing a costume made of magenta balloons.

Raus aus dem Depot!, 2012 © Foto: Hans Herbig I Artwork: Rüdiger Veh

With “Raus aus dem Depot!”, “Die Vorleserinnen” take over the sponsorship for female artists whose works are lying dormant in depots and are inaccessible to the public.

We don’t know them and yet they are there: countless works by female artists that all have one thing in common – they exist, so to speak, outside the public eye, in the depot. In “Raus aus dem Depot!” (“Out of the depot!”), Die Vorleserinnen (The Readers) take on the patronage of female artists from the past and present.

On 11 July 2012, the doors to one of the secret depots under the Cornelius Bridge will be opened. But the audience gathers for a guided tour that never takes place. The underground depot remains inaccessible, a ‘non-place’ that on the one hand serves the purpose of preservation and thus also of appreciation and on the other hand serves to lock up and lock away, to forget.

Katja Brenner, Sophie Engert and Vanessa Jeker open a stage for images that have never been shown and allow the artists’ works to (re)emerge in the minds of the audience – a re-enactment between work and person.

The audience is invited to make their own contributions to the ‘show’ for forgotten works of art. So if you want to dig deep into your own intellectual treasure trove and help your personal (re)discoveries to fame: Die Vorleserinnen will give the laudation on call.

The setting for “Raus aus dem Depot!” is an installation by Hamburg artist Volker Lang, who creates a tableau of objects and scenic architecture for the performers. The centrepieces are a walk-on staircase and a ‘speakers’ corner’ consisting of small podiums – one for each of the performers – designed in different styles.

Die Vorleserinnen were founded in 2005 by actresses Katja Brenner, Sophie Engert and Vanessa Jeker.
Katja Brenner, born in 1973 in Ansbach, lives in Munich. Sophie Engert, born in Hamburg in 1976, lives in Berlin. Vanessa Jeker, born in 1976 in Zurich, lives in Munich. Volker Lang, born in 1964 in Augsburg, lives and works in Hamburg.



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