Public Domestic. Slowing down to see further

Monica Gomis & Pau Faus

31 May — 3 Jun 12

Elisabethplatz and Münchner Freiheit

The picture shows a performance on the lawn of Elisabethplatz. Various pieces of furniture are placed on the lawn as if in a living room. An open fridge with a portable CD player on top. Next to it is a pendant lamp with a white shade on one side and a red leather sofa on the other. Two women and three children are sitting on the leather sofa, with a large white dog in front of it. Leaning against the sofa is a sign that reads: "Performance Public Domestic". Slow down to see further 15:00 - 20:00". A performer in a green jumpsuit is moving next to the sofa.

Public Domestic. Slowing down to see further, 2012 © Foto: Monica Gomis

In their work “Public Domestic”, Monica Gomis and Pau Faus explore the intertwining of public and private spaces.

“Public Domestic” deals with four conventional room types: living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Two of these rooms will be installed in each of Munich’s public spaces – two rooms on Elisabethplatz and two rooms on Münchner Freiheit. They are reconstructed using various typical objects and performers act out private behaviours within these spatial quotations that normally only take place in a domestic environment. They sleep, read, watch television or rest. They perform these actions with extremely slow gestures and movements.

Passers-by are invited to step out of their ‘public role’ for a moment and enter these unusual ‘private spaces’. They can change or use them as they wish, manipulate the performers’ movements or participate in them. The final form of the actions therefore depends on the passers-by involved, who are an indispensable part of the project. The aim of this localisation of a private space in a public space is to consciously change the perception of the two spaces and to reflect on ‘private’ and ‘public’ patterns of behaviour.

A project by
Monica Gomis & Pau Faus

Mia Maljojoky, Judith Hummel, Eduardo Navarro, Rupert Maurus, Barbara Messner, Xavier Palet, Philip Reinhard (performers)

Monica Gomis, born in 1973 in Alcoy, Spain, lives and works in Munich. Pau Faus, born in 1974 in Barcelona, lives and works in Barcelona.


Elisabethplatz and Münchner Freiheit

80796 Munich

Münchner Freiheit
80802 Munich