Die Bühnen der Stadt

Hermann Hiller & Ralf Homann

30 May — 8 Sep 12

Flat roofs in various areas of the city

The picture shows a photo collage. A single-storey building can be seen in the foreground and a multi-storey apartment block in the background. A punch and a hand puppet crocodile figure are retouched onto the roof of the single-storey house, performing a kind of Punch-and-Judy-show on the roof.

Die Bühnen der Stadt, 2012 © Foto: Hermann Hiller I Ralf Homann

Under the slogan “The Stages of the City”, Hermann Hiller and Ralf Homann turn the roofs of single-storey buildings into temporary performance spaces.

We recognise the city by its ground floor! Whether it is inviting or forbidding, beautiful or ugly, whether someone wants to sell something or is walled in out of fear: the first floor speaks. Hermann Hiller and Ralf Homann transform single-storey buildings in Munich into “Die Bühnen der Stadt” (“The Stages of the City”). Together with friends from Berlin and Munich, they present performances, videos, music and picnics on, above and on the flat roofs. Hiller and Homann call their evenings “Jour Fix”. This means something like a ‘quick day’, where the guests do not stand in front of pictures and sculptures, but the days rather revolve around a theme. The inaugural event will take place as part of the RODEO Festival.

Hermann Hiller, born in 1963, lives and works in Munich. Ralf Homann, born in 1962, lives and works in Munich and Berlin.


Flat roofs in various areas of the city