Die erste Münchner See-Triennale für Performance-Kunst

Nikolai Vogel

24 Jun 12

Olympic Lake

Photograph of three red rowing boats lined up on the Olympic lake. A white placard with a black capital letter is attached to the front of each boat; when read in sequence, they form the word "ALL". The silhouette of the Olympic Stadium can be seen in the background.

Die erste Münchner See-Triennale für Performance-Kunst, 2012 © Foto: hb lankowitz

To mark the fortieth anniversary of the Olympic Park, artist Nicolai Vogel invites the public to the “First Munich Lake Triennial” on the Olympic Lake.

“What is going on there? Rowing boats with pictures on the Olympic lake? Large formats! Painted fireworks.
Don’t you hear bells? What’s going on over there? Can I have your binoculars?
What do you see? I don’t know, three boats, three letters.
I don’t understand. Oh, now they’re rowing in a different order!
And there: a raven! There’s a raven on the boat. They’re getting bigger and bigger…”

Eight artists from different disciplines are realising an interdisciplinary art happening on rowing boats and partly from the shore. Under a title that arouses curiosity and at the same time ironically questions the art system with its biennialisation and sensationalism. “Die erste Münchner See-Triennale für Performance-Kunst” (“The First Munich Lake Triennial for Performance Art”) is, of course, a one-off event, not a ‘real’ triennial.

The event does not just use the park as a backdrop, but brings it into the public consciousness as a cultural and recreational landscape and integrates it – because the whole complex is itself an artistic concept, an ideal space in itself with lake and mountain and the world-famous roof architecture of the stadium.

A project by
Nikolai Vogel

With the artists
Judith Egger, Silke Markefka, Wolfgang Stehle, Anja Uhlig, Katharina Weishäupl, Thomas Winkler and Stefan Wischnewski

Nikolai Vogel, born in 1971 in Munich, lives and works in Munich.


Olympic Lake

80809 Munich